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Let's be real! Not every photographer or vendor in general will be the right match, and THAT IS OKAY! It is the beauty of it all, options are endless on both ends, and what is meant to be will happen, but always do your research, view full galleries, ask all the questions, look at packages and prices, turn around time, setup a consultation. and most of all go with your GUT.

Speaking of packages, i want to share mine off the bat and it's because TIME IS VALUABLE. I would hate for you to jump through hoops just to find out whether or not the investment is doable for you, but I truly pray it is! My goal is to make life easy for you within this whole process, and it starts here.

Questions To Consider

Simple answer is unfortunately, no. I look as RAW files as powerful ones but also ones with no personality. A chicken with no seasoning. A blank canvas rather than a masterpiece. They are straight out of the camera and therefore have not had my touch of editing and post-processing to reflect a signature look of mine. At that point anyone could have shot your photos.

As the intellectual and copyright owner, RAWs are valuable and grants anyone to edit photos how they like which is not permitted. On top of that the files are ridiculously huge. (Trust me I have multiple desktop harddrives!)

Within the hundreds of irreplaceable moments that I capture, the cherished there will be imperfect, funky, blurry, accidental shots that get taken as well, I don't believe even the least of the picture-perfect but rather unscripted moments should not be tossed away


Do you like my personal  style of shooting & editing?

This should be the first question when considering any wedding or elopement photographer! We stick true to our look in order to be consistent and as a visual artist to feel authentic to oneself. It is not fair to expect a photographer to completely change their way of shooting or editing to fit your vision.

PS: Feel free to ask my process of how I work, which I ususally give insight on in my consultations so you are familiar to what I value and aim to achieve to make sure it aligns prior to booking. That being said, I am open to seeing inspiration that you love and if you also love what you see here, im sure we will create absolute magic!

Do I have a backup plan if i am no longer able to shoot your wedding?

As much as this is typically a rare situation the answer is, Yes! I have a network of trusted photographers in my area that I am connected to and can reach out to in emergency situations that may prohibit me from being able to work your big day! (trust me I wont leave you hangin!)

Do I have full wedding galleries I can see?

The highlight gallery is completed and emailed out within 5-7 days from the wedding! In rare occasions of a busy weekend it may take 7-10 days to receive.


In most cases my assistant would be a second shooter if they are within the collection or added into a customized collection! If I am doing a destination elopement or wedding, I most likely will have an assistant who will help with simple tasks (my back problems are real so a backpack carrier goes a long way!)


Yes! I always have two cameras on me for convenience of switching lenses i want to shoot with and just as a liability incase one of my cameras start acting up! I have multiple batteries and memory cards as well and a first aid kit because you never know when you need a safety pin!


Yes ofcourse! This is a huge investment and I know paying all at once is not always ideal for some couples. We can typically split it up into either 3 or 4 payments depending how far out your wedding date is!


Most definitely! I have resources ready for couples who book me, but I also love to give advising within our pre-planning meetings or emails if you have questions or need help making decisions! (theres always so many decisions am i right?)




Do I take a limited amount of weddings a year? how far out can you book me?

Yes! Every year I take less and less weddings to be able to optimize and give 110% to my couples. It is a lot of work and managing to take on unlimited amount of bookings. The earliest you can book me is 2 years out from your wedding date!

Collection one

• 1 photographer
• 6 hours of Coverage
• Full Resolution Gallery
• wedding planning guide
• Printing Rights & Personal Use

Collection Two

I would call this collection as the most popular! Recommended for freshly engaged couples who want to get acquainted through an engagement session, average to bigger sized weddings,, and want a more rich and robust gallery. Two of us means more ground is covered and more creativity can be explored!

Think of this as a starter pack! This collection is recommended for weddings with mid to smaller guest counts, less formalities occurring and for those who have already done an engagement session. Simple and straight forward! 

• 2 Photographers
• Engagement Session
• 6 Hours Of coverage
• full Resolution Gallery
• wedding planning guide
• Printing Rights & Personal Use

Starts at $4800

Starts at $4500


Collection Four

Starts at $6250

• 1 Videographer + 1 Photographer
• 6 Hours of Coverage
• Reel + Highlight + RAW uncut*
• Full Resolution Gallery
• Wedding Planning Guide
• printing Rights & Digital Use

My most recommended and best of both worlds with this one. One regret many couples have is not hiring a videographer. If you are looking for memories to be captured through multiple mediums, here is the collection for you! WARNING: may cause tears and beaming smiles

Starts at $5750

• 1 Photographer & Super 8 Videographer
• 6 Hours of Coverage
• Film Rolls & Image Scans
• Super 8 Highlight
• Full Resolution Gallery & Downloads
• Wedding Planning Guide
• Printing Rights & Digital Use

I am biased but this has to be my personal favorite! Super 8mm video and film photography are mediums I truly enjoy most and have rekindled with in the past year, theres no replicating it. Analog screams nostalgic with rolls of potent film that is to be developed and scanned containing uncut RAW grainy memories. why go any other direction?

• 2 Photographers & 1 videographer
• Engagement session
• 6 Hours of Coverage
• Reel + Highlight + RAW uncut*
• Full Resolution Gallery
• Wedding Planning Guide
• Printing Rights & Digital Use

The full course meal, the whole kit and caboodle. This is the ultimate collection,. You cannot go wrong with a full team of super heroes to do everything in their power to create, capture and conquer. This is recommended for full day weddings, large guest counts and numerous formalities till you dance the night away!

Starts at $7000

Collection Five

Couples or Engagement Session - $650

Super 8 Video - $200-$300/hr
(minimum 3 hour booking)

drone Footage - $275

Bridal Boudoir - $550

Rehearsal Dinner - Contact me!

Polaroid Palooza - $450

Prints & Albums - Contact Me!

Film Photos - $140-$160/roll

social media Content Creator / Behind the scenes - contact Me!

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