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Behind the glass, I can get dewy-eyed during your celebration of love. I tend to joke around A LOT, but I also care deeply about the human experience and the essence of human connection in a way that feels extraordinary and sentimental, but theres a reason for it all...

The aesthetic landscape of my childhood home bore no brushstrokes of affection or warmth, with love noticeably absent. This created a palette of skepticism towards the very essence of genuine connections between humans. The lack of visible affection within my family unit fostered the question of whether true love was something real and tangible 

In the quiet corners of my faith, the journey feels almost like wandering through a secret garden. The discovery God's unconditional love was a personal odyssey, marked by profound seasons of introspection, vulnerability, and a gradual unveiling of divine grace. Growing up in an environment where love often felt conditional, my exploration of faith became a quest for a love that surpassed human limitations; a love that transcends the ordinary—a love adorned with the hues of the extraordinary. The notion of God's unconditional love emerges as a tapestry interwoven of grace and beauty. Each step uncovers a new facet of a love that is boundless, forgiving, and enveloped in a sublime power. Amidst this deepened understanding of human connection and love, there emerged another layer within the veil—the concept of divine love, lifted between the human and the divine, revealing a love that is both seen and unseen, tangible and transcendent.

Witnessing the raw and unfiltered expressions of love between partners started to challenge my preconceived notions. The laughter, the shared glances, and the tender embraces I observed through the glass began to erode the skepticism I had carried for so long. My journey from skepticism to belief in love is a personal one, shaped by the visual narratives I captured and, ultimately, by the love I found in my own life. It serves as a testament to the idea that, even when love seems elusive, we can demonstrate the capacity to look beyond flaws and imperfections, embracing each other with the same grace that God showers upon us. I believe, God's unconditional love is mirrored in the commitment and acceptance shared by those embarking on this journey together. The vows, spoken with earnest sincerity, echoed a promise to love in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, embodying a love that mirrors the steadfast nature of divine affection.

I have entered into a realm to exist as a curator of love's profound symphony—an artist capturing not just the visual spectacle of earthly unions. I bear witness to the alchemy of love—the power to transmute moments into timeless fragments. The weddings I document are not merely participations in physical bonds, but rather they become sacred vignettes, glimpses of the an artist capturing not just the visual spectacle of earthly unions but the intangible essence of a love, one that is both seen and unseen, tangible and transcendent.

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